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Rapier-powered Blohm und Voss BV P.215 by Steve Bage

The Blohm und Voss BV P.215 was a late war German project for a twin-engined jet night fighter. This novel design never made it into production because of the end of the war but you can read more about it here.

In case you were wondering whether such an unconventional design would fly well, let me hand you over to Steve to describe the first flights:

I took the BV out today...

To be honest I can hardly believe the way it performed. This is the most odd ball design I've tackled yet it has proved to be the easiest to trim and the best performing of any of my designs...

In its still unpainted form it weighs in at 22.8g including 0.4g of nose weight (no motor). I've just got some 120mN L2 motors from Flitehook so I popped one in. The first flight was good, the BV flew in a quite tight circuit without gaining great height, glide transition was smooth and the glide itself straight if slightly fast. For the next flight I removed some nose weight and bent up the elevon on the outside of the turn just slightly... I was rewarded by a perfect flight of large left hand circuits, it gained good height followed by a seamless transition into a long floaty glide glide. I had another two flights and they were perfectly consistent.

I still had a box of 240mN L2-HP motors and I thought 'why-not'? ... From the launch it flew straight initially quite level but quickly it put it's nose skyward and performed a perfect climbing spiral, climbing at 45 - 60 deg. It got VERY high before the motor flamed out. The glide again was floaty and straight. It flew out of the area of football fields where I fly and half way across the neighbouring golf course (luckily not fenced off)... It landed nicely in the rough near the 9th green.

This last flight was well over a minute... I was not timing but I'd guess close to 90 seconds... far and away the longest flight I've had from a scale model...

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The plan is provided in both A2 and A4 formats, and I guess most of us with normal home printers will be going the A4 route.

The plan should print off full size if you set your printer settings to A4 paper, even if it has got different sized paper in the printer. If in doubt, check against the 100 mm scales on the plan sheets.

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