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Rapier-powered Mig 21 PFM/bis by Steve Bage

Another marvellous design for Rapier power from Steve Bage and a subject that I think will prove very popular, particularly in view of the large amount of attractive colour schemes that can be applied to it. If you go to the search page and type in Mig 21 you will find a whole heap of photos.

The addition of the Mig-21 bis version to the plan gives the opportunity to do an Indian or Finnish Air Force scheme, should you wish to.

Lovely workmanship evident in this bare bones shot.

It looks pretty good finished too! Steve chose an Egyptian Air Force scheme for his. I think all the various lumps and bumps on the model really bring it to life.

Steve reports that the model flies steadily on a 110mN L2, and zooms around in spectacular fashion on a low end LT-HP. What it will go like with a 250 Mn HP motor in is anybodies guess. The long sharp nose cone apparently makes a very effective ground spike should the model perform a vertical 'landing'.

These photos shows the removable ventral fin, which sits right in the path of the jet exhaust, hence needs to be covered in aluminium foil for protection. It can be easily replaced if necessary, should the heat protection fail!

To read and print the pdf file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from

Steve drew the original plan on A3 sheets, and if your printer can cope with the larger paper size, this would be the recommended route. He has also managed to split up the plan to fit on A4 sheets for those of us can only use small paper sizes.

The plan should print off full size if you set your printer settings to A4 paper, even if it has got different sized paper in the printer. If in doubt, check against the 100 mm scales on the plan sheets.

Click here to download pdf file for A3 paper (1.25 MB)

Click here to download pdf file for A4 paper (1.72 MB)

Big downloads, but well worth the wait!

If you want a 3D reference while building the model, plus some attractive colour scheme suggestions, you could do a lot worse than buy the Bilek 1/72 scale Mig-21 PFM plastic kit. I quite fancy that red and silver scheme myself.

Click here to find out more about Jetex and Rapier powered models, and how to trim them.

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