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Douglas F4D Skyray

This little Skyray flies well with a Rapier L2 motor, and gets up quite a turn of speed. I reckon you could build it slightly larger (say about 1" bigger span) and still have enough power.

I am happy to say the plan is now in a format where it will be rather easier to print off full size.

You have three options. There is a full size one-piece plan in bitmap format, four smaller bitmaps for printing off on A4 paper with large overlaps, and a pdf file that will print out four sheets to be joined together.

To read and print the pdf file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from

The pdf sheets should print off full size if you set your printer settings in Acrobat Reader to A4 paper, even if it has got different sized paper in the printer, and page scaling to "none" (or 100%) . If in doubt, check against the scale on the plan.

The small bitmaps in the zip file are all 1000 x 1600 pixels, and scanned at 150 dpi. So if you print the images with a page width of 6.67 inches (1000/150) they should come out full size.

Click here to download the plan as a four page pdf file (528 KB)

Click here to download the plan as zipped bitmap files (492 KB)

Click here to download the plan as one large bitmap file (zipped) (228 KB)

Some notes on construction:

Fuselage formers are split horizontally - build a top half first using FK1, FK2, FK3, WRU and the upper formers. Add the central upper stringers plus the curved piece that runs through the cockpit area. Remove from board, add the bottoms to all of the formers, and start adding stringers, alternating top and bottom to avoid distortion. Add motor tube before you get too many stringers on.

I lined the motor trough with three pieces of paper - it has a double curve so you canít do it in one piece. Donít forget to add the self-adhesive aluminium foil over the paper - I do this after covering.

I built the wings by splitting all the ribs - constructing a top half flat on the board, then later adding the bottoms of the ribs and lower spar. You could do it by blocking up the LE and TE on the building board and using the ribs whole. The separate elevons are a pain to make, but necessary for stability. Make sure the wire hinges are relatively stiff, otherwise the elevons could blow flat when the speed builds up!

Wing dihedral shown agrees with my model - not easy to measure - I did it on the "that looks about right" principle!

Let me know if you have a go at building the Skyray (photos would be welcome) - also please get in touch if you have any queries about the design or construction methods.

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