Brief kit reviews, or "let's have a peek in the box"

With the successful introduction of the BMFA "Kit Scale" class I thought it might be of interest to do some brief kit reviews on an occasional basis - an opportunity to have a look inside the box and see what you get for your money. Also to give an idea of how experienced you would have to be to tackle it. Now and again I'll also be looking at plans and modelling tools and aids.

Thomas Designs 24" span Piper Vagabond

Bluebottle Squadron 1/24 scale Reggiane Re 2000

Peck Polymers Peanut Scale Andreason BA4-B

Diels Engineering 1/24 scale Curtiss SB2C Helldiver

Small Flying Aeroplanes "Golden Edition" plan pack for the Albatros D.II

Easy Built Models 25" span Waco N

More Small Flying Aeroplanes plan packs including the "Golden Edition" Sopwith Pup

Vintage Model Company 18" span Jodel D.18

Andrew Moorhouse peanut scale kits*NEW 14.12.21*

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