Easy Built Models 25" span Waco N

I chose this kit to review because I think it is a good example of the "Pro Design" range that Easy Built models have been producing in recent years, and I think it would make a great BMFA kit scale entry. Also I really like Wacos!

Here is a close-up of the box label, so you can better see the prototype model in its yellow and orange finish.

Kit contents show a dramatic difference compared some of the older Easy Built kits, many of which are vintage scale designs of dubious accuracy, requiring the modeller to use his initiative to make a successful flying model. Dave Niedzielski has worked hard to extend the Easy Built range with excellent new designs that can be built straight from the box and be very competitive in Flying Aces Club events.

Not really visible in this photo is the cabin glazing material sitting in the bottom of the box. To the left of the picture is the printed guide to the laser cut part sheets giving the part numbers. On the back of this are some general instructions for building and flying rubber scale models.

The Waco is a laser cut kit, and here are the four sheets of parts, very cleanly done. Top and bottom sheets are 1/16", the centre left sheet is 1/8" thick and the centre right 1/4" for the cowling pieces. As you can see, the wheels are laminated from 1/16" sheet discs and the wheel pants from a combination of 1/8 and 1/16" sheet. The wood in my kit was nice and light and had obviously been carefully selected.

The kit contains one large plan sheet, rolled with the tissue, so no creases. Here is the right hand side, showing a nice light structure. The design reminds me of the old Comet Star Series designs, which were also around 25" span, and have a reputation for being excellent flyers. The structure may be sparse but everything you need is there, and I am sure it would be well suited to indoor flying.

This is the other end of the plan showing the fuselage structure. Everything is 1/16", so this is really going to be a floater. I confess I have concerns about the survivability of the undercarriage (especially indoors) where the balsa legs are just glued to the fuselage structure. I'd suggest looking at springing the legs somehow to absorb landing loads.

This is a really neat idea - some of the stripwood is colour coded according to stiffness. The red ones are stiff balsa, suitable for longerons and spars. The yellow ones are lighter wood.

Hardware for the front end consists of a Peck 8" prop, nylon nose bushing, prop hook and washers

Plenty of Easy Built Lite tissue is included in bright yellow and orange. Finish the model in coloured tissue to gain maximum scale points in the BMFA kit scale event. Alternative Waco N schemes are given on the plan if you fancy a different colour combination.

A waterslide decal sheet is included for the yellow/orange scheme, but I think in view of the difficulties you can have applying decals to an unpainted tissue finish I would be tempted to use this as a pattern to cut out coloured tissue letters. You would also then be guaranteed a match to the orange tissue trim on the fuselage and wing leading edges.

To sum up, I think this should be a relatively simple build, even though it is a biplane, as both wings are attached to the fuselage. You will need to take care with the undercarriage and make sure all three wheels rotate freely in their pants. If you get this right, I can see this model making very smooth take-offs and landings with the help of its nose gear, and I would also expect it fly pretty slowly, which is also going to please the judges. Dave's prototype is by all accounts a great outdoor flyer - who will be the first to build one on this side of the pond?

Details of the full Easy Built Models range can be found on their website here

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