Bluebottle Squadron 1/24 scale Reggiane Re 2000

Bluebottle Squadron are a relatively new kit manufacturer on the scene, and this Reggiane Re 2000 was their first release. The model was designed by Richard Crossley, who needs no introduction to regular visitors to this web site.

Here are the comprehensive kit contents laid out. Most of what you see will be examined in more detail below, but it is worth mentioning at this point that the plan is supplied rolled with the Esaki tissue so there are no creases in either. At the left you can also see the plastic prop supplied, and the 1/32" balsa for sheeting the nose cowling.

The plan is beautifully drawn, very clear and full of charactor, in a style that Richard has made his own. Construction is conventional for this type of model using half shell formers with upper, lower and side keels. Hardware is provided in the kit for rubber power, but you can see details are also given for the installation of an electric motor, controller and battery.

Three of the laser cut sheets are shown here - very cleanly done and the wood is nice and light. Of note is the fact that part numbers have been burnt into the surface of the wood without going right through, which is a rather neat trick.

This is sheet 2 of the plan showing the wings. Again, simple and conventional construction. Dihedral is generous to ensure stability, and does not look excessive on the finished model. Note details of plug-in undercarriage in case you want to be able to ROG.

Here are some more of the laser cut parts. The smaller sheet is plywood, and the pre-cutting of these bits saves a lot of effort.

Vac-form ouldings are supplied in the kit for the canopy, propeller spinner, wheels and a 1/24 scale pilot figure.

The decal sheet supplied is first class with excellent print quality and perfect register. Markings for three different colour schemes are provided.

Below you can see the three schemes illustrated in the comprehensive instruction booklet.

One page of the instruction booklet contains all the paper patterns for the wing fillets, undercarriage doors, engine cylinders and the instrument panel

This is the printed parts diagram to help you keep track of which bit is which.

To sum up, a very nicely produced kit of a pretty aeroplane that will provide a lot of building pleasure. Also the model has been designed to be a stable flyer, and I have seen two examples going well outdoors. Indoors it may be a trickier proposition, and you will need to use the plug-in gear to do take-offs. It would make an interesting contrast to the usual high wing cabin types in the BMFA kit scale class.

The high quality of this kit bodes well for future releases from Bluebottle Squadron.

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