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The British Model Flying Association is the body delegated by the Royal Aero Club to be responsible for all aspects of model flying in Great Britain - visit this site to find out more. Amongst other things, you can find BMFA supported competition results.

Michael Woodhouse Free Flight Supplies

A useful source of free-flight kits, plans and accessories, including Esaki tissue and silk, the KP range of electric motors, Al Lidberg kits and plans, and an extensive collection of those excellent 1/20th scale Czech rubber powered scale plans.

Diels Engineering

Dave Diels has now got his own web site featuring his excellent range of 1/24 scale flying model kits and accessories. Look for special offer announcements, especially the advance order double kits for new models, which are great value.

Peanut Scale Models

This is Christophe Tardy's French site devoted to Peanut scale models, with photos, plans, 3-views and a whole stack of interesting articles. It is in French, with some English translations, but you can always use an on-line translator such as Alta Vista's Babelfish

The Plan Page

Gary Hunter has made it his mission to scan for posterity vintage scale model designs, mostly by Earl Stahl, originally published back in the 1940's. You can download the designs exactly as they appeared in magazines such as Model Airplane News and Air World, and Gary has converted the accompanying articles into Word format, complete with the original photos.

Apparently Earl Stahl himself is quite happy for his old designs to be out in the public domain, and is pleased (and a little surprised) that they are still so popular today. At least two model meetings over here have competitions exclusively for Earl Stahl scale designs, and they really do fly well.

Free Flight Fantasies

This is Thayer Syme's excellent web site devoted mostly to free flight models, both scale and sport types. There are plenty of fine models to admire, both by Thayer and others, plus plans to download and hints and tips on building and trimming free-flight models. If you want to see just what is possible with a peanut scale model, have a look at the page of photos of Jiro Sugimoto's marvellous creations - just fantastic!

DB Design Bureau

Good to see that Derek Buckmaster's excellent site has reappeared with a new URL. This site features plans for scale free flight models of aircraft which were designed, built or flown in Australia (plus some other odds and ends). All the plans featured have been designed using CAD, and are free of charge. You can download them in Adobe Acrobat format, print them out and build them.

Mike Smith's Free Flight Scale Site

Mike Smith is a first class free flight scale modeller specialising in I/C powered and larger electric models, and he has now started a web site. This is currently being developed into a larger more comprehensive site and I would recommend a visit as there are some very impressive models on display.

The house of Frog (they Fly Right Off the Ground)

This is a sister site I am working on which features plans for the flying model kits produced by International Model Aircraft Ltd. in the 1940's and 50's.

There are currently around 45 plans to download in pdf format, including all six of the Senior Series range of sport rubber models, some rubber duration models and many of the Frog Junior range (both scale and non-scale types).

The site is still work in process, so watch for more plans to be added as it develops.

Vintage Model Company

Producer of traditionally built flying model kits and accessories, including the excellent "Magnificent Flying Machines" free flight scale model range. They also do kits of vintage designs from companies such as Keil Kraft and Veron. Plus they have the rights to the Aerographics and Bluebottle kits, so I live in hope that my 30" Skyraider design for Bluebottle will one day see the light of day!

Easy Built Models

A long established company producing traditional balsa and tissue kits, including many scale designs. In recent years there has been an effort to improve the range, both in terms of the quality of the kit contents (e.g. new canopies and better wood) and with the introduction of new kits - take a look at the Tom Nallen designed Kharkov R-10 for instance with laser cut parts - it's a beauty.

Atomic Workshop

Atomic Workshop produce and sell a very useful range of products and accessories for electric free flight models, including the Zombie timer/controller, Voodoo motors and Li Poly cells. The site also has some articles by Richard Crossley with helpful building tips.

The aircraft models of John Ernst

Many of you will have admired John's models featured on this web site, and now he has set up his own web site showcasing his models, including many new ones not found on his guest page here. There are plenty of photos of models under construction, plus notes on how they went together and how they flew. Well worth a visit!

Flying Aces Club

The Flying Aces Club is a must for anyone who is interested in traditionally built rubber powered scale models. The Club takes its name from the popular 1930's aviation magazine, and carries on the spirit of modelling from these times. There is large and enthusiastic membership in the USA, and many competitions are held in various FAC classes in squadrons throughout the country, culminating in the bi-annual FAC Nationals at Geneseo. Even if you don't intend to cross the pond to join in, it is worth joining to get the newsletter six times a year - every issue contains at least four rubber powered scale model plans. The web site has all the subscription details - a recent innovation is the ability to pay using Paypal, which makes life much easier for overseas members.

Keil Kraft EeZeBILT Boat site

Not flying scale models, but rather floating scale models - this is a fine site devoted to the Keil Kraft EeZeBilt boat range, with plans to download so you can relive your childhood adventures on the local pond or lake. There is information on the history of the range, guidance for building and lots of photos of built models and nostalgic box art. Highly recommended!


Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer model aircraft plans to download all in pdf format, including many scale types. The plans are available to everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download them. As of November 2015 there were over 6800 plans available. Happily the site has a good search function!

Maxfliart's YouTube channel

Tom Hallman's YouTube channel is essential viewing for anybody interested in flying stick and tissue model aircraft. Tom is a master craftsman and his videos are beautifully shot and edited. He has recently added a series of "Free Flight Basics" videos which are really well done. Even if you are an experienced modeller, I guarantee you will learn something.

Braiding rubber motors
Covering with Japanese tissue & inkjet printing
Making prop hooks that don't creep
Thrust plates & nose blocks

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