Who is this Mike bloke anyway?


Mike Stuart



Marital status:

Happily married to Ros for 32 years now, and we have two sons - David and Philip, who have now fled the nest.


Newbury in Berkshire - a very pleasant market town about 50 miles due west of London.


I work as a plastics engineer, spending most of my time sat in front of a computer terminal doing finite element analysis work to help the design of plastic injection moulding tools.

Modelling interests:

I have been building model aeroplanes since I was a kid - just never grew out of the hobby like so many of my friends. I stick with the traditional "stick and tissue" construction methods because I like building models like this. In fact, I probably enjoy building more than flying, so if at the end of the day a model doesn't fly (and some just refuse to, despite everything!) at least I have had the pleasure of constructing them. Unfortunately, neither David or Philip have shown much interest in the hobby

As well as building flying models, I am also a member of the International Plastic Modellers Society's UK Airliner special interest group.

Other interests:

Both Ros and I are involved with our local church - St.Marys, Shaw-cum-Donnington and our Christian faith is an important part of our lives.

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