2014 UK Events Calendar

Here are a selection of events that may be of interest to free flight scale modellers. To be safe, I would recommend checking with the organisers nearer the time to make sure nothing has changed.

Saturday February 22nd, BMFA north west area indoor free flight gala

Manchester Velodrome M11 4DQ, 9pm to 6pm. Scale classes for open scale flying only (rubber scale, C02/electric scale and/or kit scale), peanut and pistachio. Contact: Andy Sephton, tel. 07872 625279

Saturday and Sunday 15th - 16th March, 5th international indoor fly-in, Nijmegen, Netherlands

The scale classes are: Pistachio, F4F (Peanut), F4D (Open scale rubber), F4E (Open scale electric/CO2) and NoCal. The judging rules used for the scale classes will be similar to the ones used in the Interscale and British Indoor Scale Nationals competitions. Please visit the website here (www.iifi.nl) for more details.

Sunday April 12th and 13th, BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals

Nottingham University Sports Hall, 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Now over two days for the first time, which I think is a great idea. There should be more time to socialise and flying should be more relaxed with less time pressure on the various rounds. Classes for Peanut, Pistachio, rubber scale and C02/electric scale, plus the popular kit scale event. New classes will be scale glider and indoor RC scale, including flying only as well as judged scale. Pre-entry required for main events. Pylon race, mass launch and Bostonian competitions with entry on the day. Second funfly hall available both days and traders to help relieve you of your hard earned cash. Not to be missed!!
Contact: Andy Sephton, tel. 07872 625279

May 3rd and 4th, Shuttleworth Collection Mayfly Model Weekend

Old Warden aerodrome, Nr Biggleswade. I always look forwards to this one - the first Old Warden meeting of the season. Find out what everyone has been building over the winter. Surely we are due some nice weather this year? Fingers crossed!

July 19th and 20th, Shuttleworth Collection WW1 Model Weekend

Old Warden aerodrome, Nr Biggleswade.

Sunday 31st August, The 17th Peterborough Flying Aces Nationals

Starts 10 am at Ferry Meadows, Nene Park, Peterborough.

One of my favourite meetings of the year. Loads of classes to enter, but all very informal, and you have all day to get your flights in.

Events {max set on the day}:

Jetex/Rapier scale, P20, Cloud Tramp, open rubber scale, open C02/electric scale, rise off water, Jetex/Rapier duration, C02/electric Golden Age, towline/hi-start glider, HLG, duration rubber ratio, Frog Senior Series event and mass launch.

September 27th and 28th, Shuttleworth Collection Festival of Flight Model Weekend

Old Warden aerodrome, Nr Biggleswade.

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