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Peanut scale Vought OS2U Kingfisher

The Kingfisher has excellent proportions for a peanut scale model with a relatively low aspect ratio wing and decent tail moment - in fact the tail surfaces were not enlarged from scale. The added attraction for me was that I could finish the model in a colourful pre-war colour scheme.

I went with a stringered (aka cracked rib) wing design, which worked well. the wing passes through the fuselage with a cut-out in the spar to give clearance for the rubber motor. The structure is mostly 1/20" square balsa with 1/32" fuselage formers.

The model was covered with Martin Dilly's Japanese tissue and finished with a coat of banana oil. Note the rudder is hinged using soft wire to help with trimming.

Use the lightest clear sheet you can find for the rear glazing - I cut mine from a window in a cake box. The cockpit canopy is plunge moulded.

The model used a Tern 6" plastic prop cut down to 5" and scraped with a knife to take about 1 gram off the weight. With this, the model balanced at the point shown on the plan without needing any nose weight. The undercarriage is modelled in the drooped in-flight configuration to allow an ROG with a 5" prop. Initial flights were made with a loop of 3/32" rubber giving an all-up weight of 14.7 grams. I am happy to report that the model flew straight off the board without needing any nose weight or trim tabs and with the help of a little rudder offset circles left quite happily.

The main plan is on an A3 sheet with an additional A4 sheet.

Click here to download plan sheet 1 as a pdf

Click here to download plan sheet 2 as a pdf

To read and print the pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from

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