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Now that this model has successfully flown I am happy to present the plan for download. As with all rubber twins, the key for success is to keep it light - the all up weight of my model, with rubber and a little noseweight, came out at 82 grams.

The above proof of flight photo was taken at Port Meadow, Oxford. On 1000 winds the model climbed out strongly and circled left - I was worried about spiral stability due to the large fin, but it seems fine - at least turning left.

Here you can see the structure of the fuselage and engine nacelles - most is 1/16" balsa.

This photo should clarify how the cockpit area is constructed. The nose block was made hollow so that nose weight could be hidden inside.

Wings are cracked rib construction with a single turbulator spar ahead of the full depth main spar. Note areas of light 1/32" sheet onto which the flap track fairings are mounted.

Both fin and tailplane have a symmetrical streamlined section, but note that ribs are sanded flat between the spars so they don't show through the tissue.

Model was covered with Martin Dilly's Japanese tissue, steam shrunk and finished with two coats of banana oil.

Props are 7 inch Peck plastic items which work well with two loops of 3/32" rubber in each nacelle. Spinners are plunge moulded from styrene sheet.

The two plan sheets are A1 size, and can be tiled to suit the paper in your printer using Acrobat reader.

Click here to download plan sheet 1 as a pdf

Click here to download plan sheet 2 as a pdf

To read and print the pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from Make sure you have version X or higher to obtain the tile printing facility.

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