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Helio Super Courier

This is another of my older designs that never got added to the site. I started to build it, but it never got finished. However, last year I passed the plan to the the editor of our local club newsletter and David King volunteered to build one. Much to my relief, his model flew very well (I was there to witness the event) so now I am happy to add the plan to my downloads here. David used 1/16" square balsa for the fuselage instead of 1/20" because he didn't have any of the smaller size, but this didn't seem to affect its flying performance.

I have not detailed a prop on the plan - if you want to ROG you will be restricted to a 4" prop unless you cheat a little and lengthen the undercarriage. I'm sure the model would handle a 5" prop for hand launches or flying outdoors.

One attraction of the aircraft for me was the chance to do the unusual Comstol livery, as shown here in this colour photo. As well as the red one shown here, they also had N4206B which was blue and white and N6335V in burgundy and white.

David used printed tissue for the tailplane but all the other circles and stripes are cut from red tissue and applied over the white.

I did some drawings below detailing the colour scheme which will hopefully be useful for anybody else tempted to try it.

UPDATE 23.07.2020

As is often the case as soon as you publish a colour scheme drawing, new information comes to light.....

An internet search unearthed this photo which I hadn't seen before. It's a very nice clear photo of N4206B, the Comstol blue and white aircraft, and you can clearly see that contrary to all the information I had found up to this point, there are spots underneath the wings. I have to presume that all three aircraft would be painted in the same pattern, so that's a lot more discs for you to cut out, whether you are using coloured tissue or painted decal sheet.

The plan is split into three sheets of A4 so you won't need to tile it.

Click here to download plan sheet 1 as a pdf

Click here to download plan sheet 2 as a pdf

Click here to download plan sheet 3 as a pdf

To read and print the pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from

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