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Gotha Go 145

Having a look through some of my old plans files I came across this one I drew up back in 2009 for the Cleveland Free Flight Society magazine "Crosswinds". I'm hoping after 11 years nobody will have any objections if I add it here as a pdf download. It was drawn before I started using CAD, so was created rather laboriously using an early version of Paint Shop Pro. I have printed off the PDF version to check and the dimensions seem to have come out correctly.

Quite why the Gotha Go 145 is such an obscure and little modelled aircraft I am not sure, as it was produced in very large numbers (about 10,000 in total) and was a standard primary trainer with the Luftwaffe in the 1930's. It has excellent proportions for a flying scale model and the relatively small wingspan in relation to fuselage length makes it a good candidate for peanut scale. intentional deviations from scale are a slight increase in tailplane area and a touch of extra dihedral. The rudder is hinged to aid trimming.

Construction is conventional, with the fuselage based around a 1/20" square balsa box. Side stringers are added outside the uprights, but note the centre stringer is slightly deeper than the other two. The shape can be fine-tuned by sanding the stringers afterwards.

The flying surfaces are entirely conventional but all feature laminated outlines, typically 3 laminations of 1/64" x 1/20" balsa.

The Huma 1/72nd scale kit is an excellent reference if you can find one. Here is the box art showing the scheme I chose for mine.

I can supply artwork for the markings and also the 3-view I used for the model if you drop me an email (see website front page for address)

The two plan sheets are A3 size, and can be tiled to suit the paper in your printer using Acrobat reader.

Click here to download plan sheet 1 as a pdf

Click here to download plan sheet 2 as a pdf

To read and print the pdf files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from Make sure you have version X or higher to obtain the tile printing facility.

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