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Peanut Scale Pottier 100 TS

Click here to download zip file (700 KB)

Many thanks to Andre Petit for sending me this plan, and to the designer Jacques Delcroix for giving permission to offer it as a free download.

This peanut scale model, built by Andre, scored the highest flight marks at the 2000 BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals, and also won the mass launch "last one down wins" event. Not only is it a superb, stable flier (even with no dihedral), it is a simple shape, and fairly easy to build. You could do a lot worse than attempting this as your first peanut model - makes a change from the Lacey M-10 anyway! The tricycle undercarriage means easy take-offs as well - this gives you a 10 second bonus in BMFA competitions, and also helps to keep you out of the rafters.

In the zip file are four sheets of drawings in JPEG format. Two are for the full plan, and two are new drawings made by Andre when he built his examples. These new views were done because of some distortion in the original plan caused during photocopying, so may prove useful to builders.

The easiest way to print out the plans is probably to use a graphics package such Paint Shop Pro - you can specify the image size in "page set up", and play around until you get the required 13" wing span. Alternatively, just print out using "full page", and correct later using a photocopier incorporating a % zoom function.


A second zip file can be downloaded by clicking here which contains a 3-view drawing by Herbert Leonard, and 5 photos of the sole full size example, built by Jean Chalard in the late seventies (420 KB).

Peanut scale Short Seamew
Peanut scale Denight DDT
16 inch span Chilton DW.1
1/20 scale Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk
SortaSenator Bostonian
Peanut scale Laird Speedwing Junior
1/20 scale Mitsubishi Ki 15 "Kamikaze"
Portsmouth Aerocar for twin rubber
Beech Super King Air 200 for twin rubber
22" span Short Seamew
Peanut scale Blackburn Ripon
1/24 scale PZL P.24F and P.24G
Peanut scale Gotha Go 145
Peanut scale Helio Super Courier
1/20th scale Vought SBU-1
Handley Page Dart Herald for twin rubber
Peanut scale Vought OS2U Kingfisher

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