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Mitsubishi Ki 15 "Kamikaze"

The model was designed for electric power using an Atomic Workshop Voodoo 25 with Zombie controller and flies very well, but I'm sure it will make an equally good rubber model, and I have draw up both versions.

Fuselage construction is conventional keel and former, so pin down the vertical keels first, add half formers, then the side keels and the tailplane mounts. Remove from board, add the opposite formers and the other side keel. The stringers are added in pairs, left and right, to avoid twisting or bending the fuselage. The shapes of a couple of formers near the wing trailing edge were changed later in construction, so don't worry about any discrepancies between this photo and the parts shown on the plan. Although not mentioned on the plan, between formers F2 and F1 near the top and bottom of the fuselage the 1/16 square stringers will not give the correct curved shape, so where necessary I ended the stringers at F2, and added pieces of curved sheet between F2 and F1, sanding to the correct shape when dry.

This photo shows the components of the undercarriage legs and spats, including the inserted ply tongues and brass tubing.

The torsion sprung undercarriage is not terribly detailed on the plan, so hopefully this photo will be helpful. The inner side of the spring is fixed to the rib inboard of the undercarriage leg. The angle of the other end, which fits into the tube inside the undercarriage leg, should be set so that some force is present holding the leg against the front of the wing. The plan does not show lightening holes in the centre section ribs, but as you can see I couldn't resist.

Here is a detail photo of the motor installation. The mounting plate is a lamination of 1/32" ply and 1/16" hard balsa. The LiPoly cell sits in a slot behind the Voodoo 25 motor. The Zombie controller is not fixed, but just sits on one of the blobs of White Tac used for noseweight. You can also see the two neodynium magnets that hold the upper cowl in place. Note the sidethrust required - more than would be normally needed on a rubber model.

This shot shows the underside of the wing fillets - the parts WF1 are attached to the wing trailing edge and angled up the fuselage slightly. The wing is covered and shrunk before attaching to the fuselage, then the bottom stringers are added and the fuselage covered.

Here are the wing fillets from above, and you can also see the windows and details of the fuselage markings.

The final shot shows details of the undersurface markings and colours.

To read and print the pdf file you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from

Two pdf versions of the plan are provided, one on three A3 sheets, and one on seven A4 sheets that will have to be taped together.

The plan should print off full size if you set your printer settings to the correct paper size, even if it has got different sized paper in the printer. If in doubt, check against the 150 mm scale on the plan sheets.

Also available are zipped bitmaps of the three plan sheets at a resolution of 150 dpi.

Click here to download pdf version of plan on A3 sheets (216 KB)

Click here to download pdf version of plan on A4 sheets (250 KB)

Click here to download bitmap plan sheets for A3 paper (223 KB)

Click here to download parts sheets in pdf format (152 KB)

Click here to download parts sheets as zipped bitmaps (100 KB)

Click here to download a zip file with some useful docs, including a 3-view, colour scheme drawing and photos (1.99 MB)

Click here to download the artwork I created for some of the aircraft markings which might be useful for those wanting to produce home made decals (11 KB)

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