Alumwell BMFA Indoor Scale Meeting, 10th November 2002

The last BMFA indoor scale event of the year was held at Alumwell, and despite a clash of dates with the Watford fun-fly, attendance was reasonable. I personally met a couple of families with kids who had come to one of these meetings for the first time, just to see what goes on, and I thought this was very encouraging. Flitehook were present and doing a brisk trade, not least in Butterfly ready to fly models. The day was structured with quite a few periods for general flying between the competition flights, so fun-flyers got plenty of air time as well. Lots of hanger rats were in evidence - I think they must be breeding.

All competition events were to normal BMFA indoor rules - see the Nationals report if you want more details. Without more ado, here are photos of some of the models that took part:

One of the more unusual Peanut scale models you are likely to see is this foam Canberra T.4 by Ian Pallister. It flew really well, circling just under the roof structure, and the clear propellor was hardly visible in flight. Nice airbrushed finish too.

David Vaughan won the CO2/electric class with his wonderful Walrus (above), which is a very reliable performer. All 4 of David's flights scored over 1000 points, which takes some doing. It takes-off without problem, cruises round in circles as stable as you like, then approaches nicely for a landing.

David had a new Sopwith Triplane at the event as well - this time using a Gasparin G10 CO2 motor. Foam construction again. The convincing wing rib effects are not done using an airbrush, but just using ground pencil lead rubbed with a finger against a paper mask. This gives a hard edge one side, and a gradual fade the other, simulating a shadow. Most effective, I think you'll agree.

Roger Motram, who I think was entering one of these events for the first time, flew this attractive CO2 powered Fokker EIII, which appeared to be built from the Aerographics kit. The model looked nice and stable, but unfortunately just missed out on achieving a qualifying flight.

Mike Goldby brought along his old Farman Moustique to enter in the Open Rubber class. It is built mostly from Basswood, and is rather heavy (according to Mike) but it got a very good static mark (second only to Divs Masters). Unfortunately the flying scores were disappointing, otherwise it would have placed higher.

Lindsey Smith brought along this very nice peanut scale Evans VP-1 Volksplane, although he did not fly it in the competition. The model is Lindsey's own design, based very closely on the real aircraft.

As always, Steven Glass's electric ducted fan Douglas Skyray was one of the highlights of the meeting. Here are a couple of action shots of this splendid foam model in action.

As well as his Peanut scale SE5a, Divs Masters also had this gorgeous little CO2 powered example as well. Immaculate detailing and finishing as usual from this master craftsman. It finished third in class and got a very high static mark, but just needed some work on the trim to push the flying score higher.

Divs also won the Open rubber class with his familiar Sopwith Triplane, seen in action here. One fascinating fact about this great model - Divs told me that the distinctive whirring sound it makes as it flies around is due not to a gearbox (as I thought), but to the tiny prop on the front of the scale wind driven generator going round in the breeze!

Below is a picture of Divs' Peanut scale SE5A in flight. This finely detailed model came second in class.

Mike Hadland had a very successful meeting winning both the Peanut and Pistachio classes. Here is the winning 8" span Pistachio Tiger Moth


PEANUT SCALE (9 entries)

Position Name Model Type Static Position Flying Position Total
1 Mike Hadland Bucker Jungmann 2 1 3
2 Divs Masters SE5A 1 6 7
3 Nick Peppiatt Tefft Contester 5 4 9
4 Peter Boys Waco SRE 4 7 11


Position Name Model Type Static Position Flying Position Total
1 Mike Hadland Tiger Moth 1 2 3
2 Divs Masters SE5A 1 3 4
3 Nick Peppiatt Lippisch Storch 4 1 5
4 Ian Pallister P-51 Mustang 3 4 7

OPEN RUBBER (8 entries)

Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Divs Masters Sopwith Triplane 1130 1095.5 2225.5
2 Mike Hadland Stampe SV-4B 910 1044 1954
3 Mike Stuart Bucker Jungmeister 886 962 1848
4 Lindsey Smith Cosmic Wind 796 929.5 1725.5

OPEN ELECTRIC/C02 (11 entries)

Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 David Vaughan Supermarine Walrus 941 1074 2015
2 Steven Glass Douglas Skyray 896 1044.5 1940.5
3 Divs Masters SE5A 1093.5 798 1891.5
4 Derek Knight D.H.Tiger Moth 1037 560 1597

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