BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals, 21st April 2002 - Part 2

Peter Smart reckoned we were fed up of seeing his TU 95 Bear in the Open Rubber class, so he knocked out a brand new foam multi in just two weeks. This rather sleek little number is a Piper Cheyenne, constructed from foam to Peter's usual high standard, and finished in Lufthansa colours. Each nacelle houses a separate rubber motor.

The model flew nicely, but unfortunately a documentation problem kept it out of the final class placings.

Mike Hadland had his new Stampe SV.4 fully rigged and detailed ready for the event - a lovely model, and only about 12 grams. Not only does it look great, but it flies for over 50 seconds from a take-off. Need I mention that the model won the Peanut class?

David Prior had this new and rather gorgeous D.H. Hornet Moth to enter in the Peanut scale class. The finish and detailing was immaculate, and the model scored highly in static judging. Construction is conventional balsa/tissue. David is still working on the trim, and when he starts to get the flight times up a bit this is going to be a very competitive model.

Nice to see Andre Petit over from France again for the event, this time with this Peanut Scale Republic P-47D Thunderbolt. Construction is foam, weight is just 11 grams without rubber, and the markings are home made with the aid of an ALPS printer. This model got the best flight time in the Peanut class, but he was just pipped to first place overall by Mike Hadland's Stampe.

Reg Boor entered this nicely finished model of the Spitfire prototype in the Open Rubber class.

Bill Dennis entered a model this year instead of only judging - this fine Puss Moth in the Open Rubber class.

Gordon Hannah was flying this Pistachio scale WACO SRE, from the Walt Mooney design.

Nick Peppiatt's latest Peanut Scale model is this Tefft Contester - not an aircraft I had heard of before. A fine finish, as usual from Nick, and the model was an excellent flyer, eventually finishing fourth in class.



Position Name Model Type Static Position Flying Position Total
1 Mike Hadland Stampe SV.4 3 3 6
2 Andre Petit Republic P-47D Thunderbolt 5 1 6
3 Divs Masters SE5A 1 9 10
4 Nick Peppiatt Tefft Contester 5 7 12


Position Name Model Type Static Position Flying Position Total
1 Mike Hadland Tiger Moth 1 5 6
2 Peter Frostick P-51 Mustang 3 3 6
3 Nick Peppiatt Lippisch Storch 5 1 6
4 Gordon Hannah Caudron 1911 4 6 10


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Divs Masters Sopwith Triplane 1092 1101 2193
2 Richard Crossley Lockheed L.188 Electra 993 1178.4 2171.4
3 David Prior Sopwith Baby 1053.5 1066 2119.5
4 Phil Siddall Valkyrie 966 1084 2050


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Derek Knight Bristol M1C 1014 1008 2022
2 Steven Glass Douglas Skyray 896.5 1110 2006.5
3 Dave Causer Sopwith Camel 986 977.5 1963.5
4 Peter Iliffe Albatros D.V 1050.5 795 1872.5

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