Alumwell Indoor Meeting October 28th 2001

The Autumn BMFA Indoor Scale meeting at Alumwell has become a regular fixture on the calendar, and thanks to the efforts of Charlie Newman, who organised this year's event, it was good to see it continue. There were classes for Peanut, Pistachio, Open Rubber and Open Electric/CO2. A few of the regular faces were missing, so entries were generally down - still, this gave those of us who did turn up a better chance of winning something! In the Peanut and Pistachio classes it was business as usual for Mike Hadland, who won both - Peanut with his Nationals-winning Bucker Jungmann, and Pistachio with a Tiger Moth. Nick Peppiatt came runner-up in both classes with his FRED and Lippish Storch respectively.

I entered my Bucker Jungmeister in the Open Rubber class instead of Peanut scale, because it is too heavy to put up a competitive time in that class. It does fly very realistically though in nice wide circuits and does beautifully smooth landings. The only weakness in the flight pattern is the rather sudden jump off the ground, but this is common to most rubber models because of the initial power burst. I was very happy to win the class - my first at an indoor event, especially with such a small model. Second was Phil Siddall with his beautiful Valkyrie.

Dave Hanks was delighted to win the Electric/CO2 class with his Bowers Fly Baby - well deserved, and a tribute to his persistance in getting it to perform consistently. Second was Steven Glass with his amazing Gloser Javelin - now flying very reliably from an ROG, but using up every inch of the hall. I was pleased to finally get a photo of it in action - my back was pressed against the wall when I took the shot below - the model was on its second circuit and cruising nicely at about 10 feet. The model is of foam construction, and powered by one of Derek Knight's electric ducted fan units.

The following three photos show some of David Vaughan's very nicely finished foam models.

This CO2 powered Hawker Henley was only finished the night before the event, but it was flying very nicely.

David entered this peanut sized Avro 504 in the electric/CO2 class. Very nicely finished, and an excellent performer with its tiny Gasparin CO2 motor

Not entered in the competition, but making some good flights, was this electric Vickers Supermarine Walrus - also foam construction.

A new name on the indoor competition scene is Steve Philpott, who placed third in the electric/CO2 class with this attractive CO2 powered Antoinette. The motor is a Gasparin.



7 Entries

Position Name Model Type Static Position Flying Position Total
1 Mike Hadland Bucker Jungmann 1 2 3
2 Nick Peppiatt FRED 2 3 5
3 B.Roberts Lacey M.10 5 1 6


3 Entries

Position Name Model Type Static Position Flying Position Total
1 Mike Hadland D.H.82 Tiger Moth 1 2 3
2 Nick Peppiatt Lippisch Storch 2 1 3
3 Bryan Stichbury Messerschmitt M.29 3 3 6


7 Entries

Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Mike Stuart Bucker Jungmeister 948.5 1010 1958.5
2 Phil Siddall Valkyrie 894 870 1764
3 Mike Hadland D.H.82 Tiger Moth 770 850 1620


9 Entries

Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Dave Hanks Bowers Fly Baby 872 731 1603
2 Steven Glass Gloster Javelin 662 882 1544
3 Steve Philpott Antoinette 469 470 939

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