Eddie Riding Trophy

RAF Woodale, Saturday August 4th 2001

The Eddie Riding Trophy event for flying scale models is held every year during the Woodvale Rally, near Southport, up in the north west of England. The event is rather unusual, in that the model flying is only a part of the whole event. Other attractions, apart from the radio control aircraft, which were going all day, include a large funfair, classic cars, model steam engines, cars, railways and boats, and lots of people selling stuff out of tents and car boots. The models have to be put in for static judging during the day, with the flying not taking place until 6 pm, with two hours to get your flights in. Theoretically by this time the wind should have dropped, giving the best chance of good flying conditions. This year, despite a horrible forcast, the weather was almost perfect. The rain clouds and thunderstorms passed us by, and we had a calm sunny evening. This meant that plenty of excellent flights were made, entertaining the large crowd of spectators.

The competion is split into four classes - rubber, CO2/electric, Jetex and I/C power. There is a trophy for each class, with the overall winner taking home the Eddie Riding Trophy.

Points are split between static and flying marks, and flights are judged on realism, not duration. This year, because of the benign conditions, a qualifying flight required a time of 20 seconds to be achieved. An ROG gets you extra marks and you have four attempts to register a flight, with the marks from the best one counting.

I had a successful time this year, winning the Jetex/Rapier class with my Boeing 727 - though it was a close run thing between myself and Bill Dennis with his Rapier powered Bell XS-1, built from the Aerographics kit. This was the first year that Rapiers had been allowed at this event. I think this is a sensible move, as Rapiers are becoming increasingly popular, and it should help to boost numbers in the class.

I did less well in the Rubber class, though I was happy the Claude put in a qualifying flight. Trouble was, I could not get it to take off, which makes a considerable dent in your flight score.

Terry Manley won both the I/C class and the Eddie Riding Trophy again (three years running now) with his Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter. The model flies very realistically, as well as being excellently detailed, and was a worthy winner. The take-offs are particularly impressive, with the model gradually gathering speed down the runway before ever so gently lifting off and gradually climbing away. Hard to believe it is all done without the benefit of radio control!

One of the highlights of the competition for me was the flying of Mike Hetheringtons huge rubber powered Ryan NYP "Spirit of St. Louis". The conditions were ideal for this floaty model , which took off and cruised round in a most majestic fashion at close to scale speed. The model was very stable, despite no dihedral at all (just like the real thing). There is something special about a jumbo rubber model in flight, and I am suitably inspired to have a go at building something really big myself now! Dwarfed in front is one of the two Fike Model E's entered in the competition.

This Miles Magister was built by John Goddon from the old Earl Stahl plan, with little or no alteration. It is a tribute to Earl’s design that this vintage model placed second in the rubber class. It flew extremely well, and did excellent take-offs.

It was nice to see Arthur Bailey’s rubber-powered Westland Widgeon finished in a different scheme to the usual red and silver. The model, built from the plan by Eddie Riding, spans 36", and scored well in static. Unfortunately rubber slippage problems prevented a qualifying flight being achieved.

Tony Pritchard built this 1/12 scale ABC Robin for electric power, again based on an old Eddie Riding plan. Very well detailed and an excellent flier - I was surprised at the mediocre static score the model achieved - I thought it was one of the best looking models there.

Mark Nulty was back with his very detailed rubber-powered Hawker Hart, which scored highly in static, and flew nicely as well. The model is built from the Aerographics kit.

This large I/C powered Blackburn 1912 monoplane was built by Derrik Hardman. Bags of character and a fine, realistic flier - the model finished third in class.

John Waters entered this nicely finished Mig 15 in the Jetex class. Power was a Jetex 50 - unfortunately John did not manage to achieve the 20 seconds required for a qualifying flight.

Attractive Norwegian scheme on Joe Fergusson's rubber powered Interstate Cadet.

Andrew Allen built this twin electric Grumman G 44A Widgeon, which was a great flier, and climbed to considerable height - looked very stable.

Here are the full results:


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Terry Manley Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter 518 644.5 1163
2 Bill Dennis Brandenburg C1 517 567 1084
3 Derrik Hardman Blackburn 1912 493 510.5 1004
4 Ray Hall D.H.Tiger Moth 451 544.5 995.5
5 James Campbell Piper Super Cruiser 346 477.5 823.5
6 Brian Conroy BE2E 414 396.5 810.5
7 Dave Sawyer CASA Jungmann 502 0 502
8 J.H.Watters Stinson Sentinel L5 456 0 456
9 John Rimmer Fiesler Storch 426 0 426


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Reg Boor Bernard 191 423 554 977
2 John Goddon Miles Magister 388.5 565.5 954
3 Barry Hetherington Travel Air Woolaroc 367 550 917
4 Mike Hetherington Ryan NYP 391 487.5 878.5
5 John O'Donnell Fike E 350 503.5 853.5
6 Squire Kay Fike E 320 510 830
7 Mark Nulty Hawker Hart 408 409.5 817.5
8 James Campbell Piper Cub 360 373.5 733.5
9 Mike Stuart Mitsubishi Claude 369 325.5 694.5
10 Joe Fergusson Interstate Cadet 325 335 660
11 Arthur Bailey Westland Widgeon III 429.5 0 429.5
12 Joe Fergusson Junkers Ju 49 300 0 300
13 Joe Fergusson Navarro Chief 290 0 290


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Mike Stuart Boeing 727-100 335.5 468 803.5
2 Bill Dennis Bell XS-1 353.5 432.5 786
3 John Waters Mig 15 347 0 347
4 Bob Waddington BAC Lightning F.6 325 0 325


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Roy Pritchard Piper J3 Cub 402 559 961
2 John 0'Donnell Sky Pup 411 500.5 911.5
3 Tony Pritchard ABC Robin 380 521.5 901.5
4 Paul Bingham Piper Cub 407.5 373 780.5
5 Andrew Allen Grumman G 44A Widgeon 301 468 769
6 D.Hardman Bellanca Skyrocket 0 504 504
7 Bob Todd Poncelet Vivette 291 0 291

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