BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals, 29th April 2001 - Part 2

More photos:

Bowers Fly Baby by Dave Hanks

Dave was a very happy man after he finally got a qualifying flight with this electric powered model - he had been trying to get it to take off most of the previous evening, and the effort paid off on the Sunday. As you can see, a nicely detailed model.

Stearman by Peter Boys

An extremely delicate pistachio scale model, with very impressive engine detail. Unlike many pistachios, wings were double-covered, which makes them look much better, at the expense of extra weight. The model got the highest Pistachio static score, but unfortunately, problems with the trim resulted in disappointing flight times, otherwise the model would have featured higher in the results.

Avro Triplane by Philip Davis

A nice light foam C02 powered model which performed well, despite almost no dihedral. Flight speed was leisurely - almost scale, though the turn was perhaps a bit tight. An attempt to open out the pattern on the final flight resulted in a major collision with the wall - just one of the risks of indoor flying. Happily, damage did not look too serious.

Bernard 191 by Bryan Stichbury

This nicely finished model was flying well in the peanut scale class.

Isaacs Fury by Mike Hadland

Mike had a very successful day winning both the Peanut and Pistacho classes. His successful model in the Pistachio class was a Tiger Moth, but this Isaacs Fury is a new model, which was being given some test flights at the meeting. The finish was immaculate, as always from Mike, and it will be another potential winner when sorted.

The peanut winning Bucker Jungmann was the same model entered last year, and it is as near to a perfect compromise between scale detail and flying performance as I have seen. Static marks were the second best in class, beaten only by Divs Masters’ new SE5a, and the model flew for just under a minute, giving the second best flying marks.

Cessna Caravan by Mike Stuart

This photo shows the Caravan as it appeared at the Nats, with a scale prop and pitot tubes fitted to try and get a few more marks from the scale judges! Static marks were only average, but it flew very well , and kept away from the walls all day.

Lots of Jets!

Four of us brought some of our Rapier powered fleets to the Nationals to compare notes, and see what we had been up to over the winter - here is the resulting collection.

The models are (not in any particular order):

Focke Wulf Flitzer, Messerschmitt P.1106, Bell X-1 (orange), Bell X-1A, Bell X-1E, Me 262, D.H.Comet, Miles M.52, Bacham Natter - Richard Crossley

Airbus A300, Folland Gnat - Peter Smart

Focke Wulf Flitzer, Messerschmitt P.1106, Bacham Natter, D.H.108, Arado 381 - Chris Strachan

Saab J29, Bell X-1 (white), Yak 40, Boeing 727, Douglas Skyray - myself


Pistachio Scale

8 entries, 6 flew

Position Name Model Type
1 Mike Hadland D.H.Tiger Moth
2 Divs Masters SE5A
3 Nick Peppiatt Lippisch Storch
4 Peter Boys Stearman
5 David Prior Bede BD.4
6 Bryan Stichbury Zlin 50M

Peanut Scale

19 entries, 17 flew

Position Name Model Type
1 Mike Hadland Bucker Jungmann
2 Andre Petit Denight DDT
3 Jacques Cartigny Loire 411
4 Mike Stuart Bucker Jungmeister
5 Nick Peppiatt FRED
6 Divs Masters SE5a

Open Rubber

12 entries, 11 flew

Position Name Model Type
1 Divs Masters Sopwith Triplane
2 Andre Petit Messerschmitt Me 209
3 Mike Stuart Cessna Caravan
4 Phil Siddall Valkyrie
5 Vibes Masters Lacey M.10
6 Chris Strachan Granger Archeopterix

CO2 / Electric

16 entries, 14 flew

Position Name Model Type
1 Richard Granger English Electric Wren
2 Peter Smart Rumpler Taube
3 Dave Causer Sopwith Camel
4 Kevin Wallace Sopwith Scooter
5 Derek Knight Bristol M1C
6 Steven Glass Gloster Javelin

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