Eddie Riding Trophy

RAF Woodale, Saturday August 5th 2000

The Eddie Riding Trophy event for flying scale models is held every year during the Woodvale Rally, near Southport, up in the north west of England. The event is rather unusual, in that the model flying is only a part of the whole event. Other attractions, apart from the radio control aircraft, which were going all day, include a large funfair, classic cars, model steam engines, cars, railways and boats, and lots of people selling stuff out of tents and car boots. The models have to be put in for static judging during the day, with the flying not taking place until 6 pm, with two hours to get your flights in. Theoretically by this time the wind should have dropped, giving the best chance of good flying conditions. This year, as last, the wind remained strong throughout, making conditions very difficult - in fact it actually got even windier as the session went on, and the rain started about 15 minutes before close of play. Many models failed to get a qualifying flight in because of the conditions, even though the target time was only 15 seconds.

The competion is split into four classes - rubber, CO2/electric, Jetex and I/C power. There is a trophy for each class, with the overall winner taking home the Eddie Riding Trophy. (I donít know how well known Eddie Riding was abroad, so just to explain that he was one of the pioneers of practical, yet very accurate, flying scale models in the UK, and many of his designs are still built and flown today. Most plans are still available from the Aeromodeller plans service). Points are split between static and flying marks, and flights are judged on realism, not duration. To get a qualifying flight you just have to stay up for 15 seconds, and an ROG will get you extra marks. You have four attempts to register a flight, with the marks from the best one counting.

I risked one flight with my new Caravan in the rubber class, but a launch directly into wind lead to a huge stall, and a nosedive into the grass. The only damage was to the propeller, which I repaired, but I did not risk the model again due to the worsening weather. My other entry was a Jetex 50 powered D.H. Venom, from the old Keil Kraft plan. This was finished the day before and test glided for the first time on the day. I had three spectactular attempts, each resulting in a hefty crash. Cyano was used to put the bits back together (including a smashed wing) before I eventually gave up and decided to make proper repairs back home. It was notable that of the 6 Jetex entries, only one was able to make successful qualifying flight,

Not surprisingly, the larger and heavier I/C models coped best with the conditions (as they did last year).

One nice feature of this event is that many visitors to the rally stay behind to watch the competition - if you did a good flight, you got a round of applause. Not often you get such a large audience of non-participents at a free flight event

Terry Manley won the Eddie Riding trophy with his Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter as he did last year. This model coped extremely well with the windy conditions, took off beautifully, and looked most realistic in flight.

Barry Hetherington was the worthy winner of the Rubber class with this Stinson Travelair. Just the centre prop is powered for flying. Barry had to make repairs after the first flight, but thereafter the model flew well, and also managed a successful take-off. Behind can be seen one of two Hawker Harts entered in the rubber class - I think this one was the work of Mark Nulty.

Mike Smith's very detailed I/C powered Martinsyde Elephant would surely have placed higher than 4th in class if only it had managed a take-off - from a Hand launch it flew a treat.

Bob Waddington's Jetex powered Sylphe won the class last year, but this year failed to make a successful qualifying class (along with all the other Jetex entrants except one!)

Bill Harwood scored highly in the rubber class with this lovely Church Midwing, but did not risk flying it in the windy conditions. Behind can be seen my Keil Kraft Venom in the Jetex class. It did not look so pristine after the flying!

Bill Dennis came second in I/C with his Brandenburg C.1 - the model scored well in static and managed one exciting take-off into the gusting wind, followed by an excellent flight. Behind is Andrew Hewitt's D.H.34.

Focke Wulf 47D by Joe Ferguson. A very attractive subject for rubber power - shame that the weather did not allow its flight performance to be demonstrated.

Here are the full results:


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Terry Manley Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter 575 555.5 1131
2 Bill Dennis Brandenburg C1 573 536 1109
3 Andrew Hewitt D.H.34 555 524 1079
4 Mike Smith Martinsyde Elephant 561.5 403.5 965
5 Ray Hall D.H.Tiger Moth 512 373.5 885.5
6 Geoff Pomfret Fokker DVII 524 330 854
7 S.Kay Blackburn 1912 392 415.5 807.5
8 Paul Bingham Bristol Fighter 446 0 446
9 James Campbell Piper Super Cruiser 331 0 331
10 Ted Hewitt Luscombe Silvaire 302 0 302


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Barry Hetherington Stinson Travelair 423 534.5 975.5
2 Reg Boor Bernard 191 384.5 492.5 877
3 Arthur Bailey Piper J3C Cub 423.5 410 833.5
4 Joe Ferguson Hawker Hart 392 348 740
5 Mark Nulty Hawker Hart 525.5 0 525.5
6 Bill Harwood Church Midwing 509 0 509
7 Mike Stuart Cessna Caravan 375.5 0 375.5
8 Joe Ferguson Ryan PT 22 363.5 0 363.5
9 B.Faulkner Hawker Hurricane 318 0 318
10 Joe Ferguson Focke Wulf 47D 301 0 301


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 D.Ridgway Mig 15 277.5 411.5 689
2 John Waters Gloster Javelin 400.5 0 400.5
3 D.Ridgway Grumman Panther 313 0 313
4 Bob Waddington CM 8R Sylphe 311 0 311
5 Mike Stuart D.H.Venom FB.1 300 0 300
6 Ron Parker Mig 29 280 0 280


Position Name Model Type Static Score Flying Score Total
1 Roy Pritchard Piper J3 Cub 435 475.5 910.5
2 Tony Pritchard ABC Robin 314 483 797
3 Arthur Bailey D.H.Tiger Moth 481 0 481
4 Bill Harwood Knight Twister 387.5 0 387.5
5 Derek Hardman BE2e 381 0 381
6 Bill Bailey Bellanca Senior Pacemaker 298.5 0 298.5
7 Bill Bailey Blackburn 1912 153 0 153

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