BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals, 7th May 2000 - Part 2

More photos:

Sopwith Baby by David Prior

This is the same model David flew last year, but I missed getting a picture then, so here it is now. Very nicely finished, the model takes off from its floats (hidden wheels) and circles realistically, though without gaining a lot of height. This model took a well deserved 3rd place in the open rubber class this year.

Rumpler Taube by Peter Smart

No Nationals report would be complete without pictures of some of Peter Smart's foam airforce, so here is his lovely CO2 powered Rumpler Taube. The simulation of the surface structure such as wing wibs was remarkably realistic.

Peter's latest multi-engined rubber model is this 19" span A.W. Whitley. Though not entered in the competition, it was given some initial test hops at the end of the meeting.

D.H.29 Doncaster by Nigel Druce

An attractive and unusual Peanut scale subject nicely constructed by Nigel Druce.

Bristol M1C by Derek Knight

Derek's efforts at trimming this new model early in the day were eventually rewarded with an excellent flight, and third place in the CO2 / electric class. The model, which has span of about 30", is powered by three coupled KP00 electric motors.

Curtiss Owl by Ray Johnson

This Curtiss Owl was Ray's entry in the CO2 / electric class - quite a large model and a good flier, using most of the available space - it took second place in class.

FRED by Nick Peppiat

This British homebuilt aircraft has ideal proportions for a flying model and Nick's model is a proven performer. This year he took 2nd place in the Peanut scale class.


Pistachio Scale

Position Name Model Type
1 Peter Smart Albatros DV
2 Divs Masters SE5A
3 Richard Crossley Folkerts Speed King

Peanut Scale

Position Name Model Type
1 Mike Hadland Bucker Jungmann
2 Nick Peppiatt FRED
3 Andre Petit Pottier 100 TS

Open Rubber

Position Name Model Type
1 Divs Masters Sopwith Triplane
2 Peter Smart Tupolev "Bear"
3 David Prior Sopwith Baby

CO2 / Electric

Position Name Model Type
1 Dave Causer Sopwith Camel
2 Ray Johnson Curtiss Owl
3 Derek Knight Bristol M1C

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