Peterborough MFC Flying Aces Meeting

5th September 1999

The Peterborough Model Flying Club hold their "Flying Aces" meeting every year - an informal competition with various classes for scale and small rubber duration models. Turn out for the 1999 event was the best ever, probably due to the superb weather, which was the sort you dream about as a free flight modeller, but rarely get in the UK (i.e. clear blue skies, blazing sun and hardly any wind).

All competition classes consisted of three rounds, but these could be flown anytime between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm, so there was plenty of time for trimming flights. The scale classes were flown to Masefield rules, where bonus points are given for items such as having a span of less than 20" (40%), biplane (20%), low wing (10%) etc. Further bonus points can be got if floats are fitted, or if twin motors are used. The ultimate Masefield entry is thus a sub 20" biplane twin motor flying boat! A max of 60 seconds was set for the scale classes, so to show how the scoring works, if I flew 3 maxes with an 18" span low wing aircraft, my score would be 3 x 60 seconds, multiplied by a bonus of 50%, giving a total score of 270 points.

The vintage scale event (model design pre 1951) had a very healthy entry, with some really good flights put in. I eventually managed to get my new Comet Dime Scale Stearman 76 (below) reasonably well trimmed, after adding ever increasing amounts of downthrust. Its first competition flight produced a very pleasing time of 58 seconds. Unfortunately I couldn’t get near that on subsequent rounds, and had to be content with 5th place when the scores had been added up.

As well as the competitions, there was plenty of fun flying as well, and the day culminated in a spectacular mass launch, when everyone present was encouraged to throw something in the air, all at the same time. A memorable sight as the blue sky filled with planes and a fun end to a wonderful day's flying

Below are some photos taken at the meeting:

Mike Sanderson won the vintage scale event with this Keil Kraft Globe Swift. All three flights were over the one minute max.

Tony Hall-Willis also got three one minute flights with his Veron Comper Swift, but with a lower handicap score than the Globe Swift (which gets a 10% low wing bonus) he had to be content with second place.

Geoff Stubbs won the West Wings Rubber scale class with his venerable, and much patched, Westland Widgeon.

John Lawson launching his Curtiss Seamew, which won the Earl Stahl scale event.

Tony Johnson winding his WACO SRE, enlarged from the Walt Mooney peanut plans - model was an excellent flier.

Chris Blanch had a fine collection of Earl Stahl designs. The Mig 3 came fourth in vintage scale, after a fly-off for third place with John Goddon's Magister, though it was desperately close - only 3 seconds in it. I was so impressed with the performance of the little Mig that I have started building one of my own!

Nice to see a Stahl PT-19 - not often seen over here, and Chris Blanch had made a very neat job of his.

Chris's latest Earl Stahl model, the Defiant was at the trimming stage, but will be most impressive when sorted.

Dave Deadman was flying this pair of Mig 15's. The larger one is the Keil Kraft kit, fitted with a Jetex 50 and the smaller one a scaled down version for the new SAMS Rapier motor. Both flew very well - the Rapier leaving the most impressive smoke trail!

Results of the Scale Classes

Vintage Scale

Position Name Model Type
1 Mike Sanderson Keil Kraft Globe Swift
2 Tony Hall-Willis Veron Comper Swift
3 John Goddon Earl Stahl Miles Magister

West Wings / Aerographics CO2/Electric

Position Name Model Type
1 Geoff Dunmore Westland Widgeon
2 Alan Train Piper Cub
3 John Lawson D.H.Puss Moth

West Wings / Aerographics Rubber

Position Name Model Type
1 Geofff Stubbs Westland Widgeon

Earl Stahl Scale

Position Name Model Type
1 John Lawson Curtiss Seagull
2 Nick Peppiatt Curtiss Seagull

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