More from the BMFA Indoor Scale Nationals 9th May 1999

SE5a by Divs Masters

This was the winning model in Pistachio, and featured excellent detailing and a first class finish. Rib spacing and structure are scale, though the flying surfaces are covered on the top only. Model has done 50 seconds, but I think the best flight on the day was around 35 seconds. Still, this was good enough, when combined with top static marks, to win the class.

Arado 196 by Peter Smart

Peter's foam Arado floatplane was the winner of the peanut class, and flew very well indeed - nice and slow, and stayed up for ages. During one flight the model made an unscheduled landing in a basktball net, which had been folded up into the ceiling, but it was later retrieved without damage using a helium baloon on a string.

DH 9A by Mike Goldby

This impressive model entered in the C02 / electric class rivalled Charlie Newman's SE5A for the amount of detail it carried. As can be seen from the pictures, it carried a crew while flying, but these were removed to reveal the cockpit detail for static judging. Power was supplied by a Gasparin GM 120, completely hidden within the front cowlings. Mike had some trimming problems before lunch, and the model kept heading for the walls, but eventually got a decent qualifying flight in the afternoon.

Saiman 200 by Barrie Hotham

Another beautifully finished model from the C02 /electric class, this time a small (18" or so) Saiman 200, powered by a KP 00 electric motor. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the builder, the model refused to do more than lift one wheel off the ground when an ROG was attempted, so a qualifying flight was not achieved.

Waco SRE by Peter Boys

Very nice peanut scale Waco SRE designed by the builder, which flew well, but didn't make the top three placings. I had my old Walt Mooney peanut SRE with me, so it was interesting to compare models. Although Walt's design is much older, somewhat simpler and less detailed (also rather lighter!) , we were impressed with how similar the models looked. Just a great looking plane!

My Curtiss P-6E Hawk

This is how the Hawk looked after I had spruced it up prior to the event - compare with the photo in gallery 1. The incorrect red chevron and number on the upper wing have been removed (fortunately just coloured tissue) and three spanwise stripes airbrushed on. The white diamond marking behind the cockpit was added, and the aircraft number on the fin changed. Final additions were a gunsight and aerial masts and wires.

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