Happy memories

A bit of unashamed nostalgia here, as I want to share some old photos that my dad took back in the 1970's. The recent aquisition of a slide scanner has brought a renewed interest in the boxes and boxes of slides left stored at my mum's, amongst which we found these.

Yes, that is a 15 year old version of me on the left, as this photo must have been taken either late 1972, or early 1973. It certainly looks wintry, and I know the model being wound was built in the summer holidays in 1972 after my O levels Nice line up of classic cars too!

The lad bravely holding the model was called Paul. He lived opposite us and often accompanied these Stuart family expeditions to Tatton Park in Cheshire.

I have to say my parents (that's mum by our Ford Escort) were very good to my brother Martin and I in taking us out so we could fly our models in the comparatively large open spaces at the park. I wonder if it is still allowed? I know back then I/C engines were not permitted, but you were fine with gliders and rubber models.

How many model designs can you spot? There are three serious looking gliders there (an A1 and a couple of A2's?) which were probably Martin's, plus what looks like a Veron Classic fuselage. The large yellow fuselage with the underfin belongs to a Pegasus canard rubber duration model (which flew very well), and off to the right is a yellow Keil Kraft Ajax. To the left of the car is what I think must be a Veron Cadillac rubber model all in white except for one red wing. There is a yellow piper-like aeroplane as well - probably one of the Keil Kraft scale series.

I think I can safely say I was quite a prolific builder back then, though models tended not to survive that long!

I have very fond memories of this particular model, which is the Eddie Riding designed 1/12 scale, 36 inch span, Fairchild Argus for rubber power. I remember it had a lot of wood in it, because I had to save up to buy all the balsa listed on the plan from Bailey's model shop in Cheadle (hard to imagine now that almost every small town used to have a fully stocked model shop).

It was not a quick build, but it looks like I made a reasonable job of it, even if I was not at all worried about scale colour schemes in those days!

It flew nicely as well, despite being no lightweight, and was a reliable performer for several years. I guess it never did more than 30 seconds, but at the time that was plenty.

Ah, happy days!

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