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DXF files by Bill Brown

The zip files below below contain 1/24 scale lozenge patterns in .dxf format which will print out on A4 size sheets.

Four colour lozenge

Five colour lozenge

Naval hexagons

PDF files by Bill Brown

The files below below contain 1/24 scale lozenge patterns in .pdf format which will print out on A4 size sheets.

Five colour lozenge upper

Five colour lozenge lower

JPEG files by Rich Weber

These files will read into any standard graphics program, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, and you will not need a CAD system or special viewer. You will have to calculate what size to print the images off though, and may need to crop them for larger scales. Most graphics programs allow you to specify the size of the printed image.

A useful piece of information to help you scale the patterns to suit your model is that the Germans used standard roll widths on which the lozenge fabric was delivered. The patterns here have the joins between the bolts of fabric included (just look for the discontinuities), so you just need to check this dimension with some quick partial test prints, and multiply by the scale of your model.

Here are some notes by Rich about roll widths:

"Four colour was shipped on rolls that were about 4' 3" wide. Five color was closer to 4' 6" wide. There was an inch or so lost in making the seams so the finished strips on the wings were a bit narrower. They didn't like to put seams on top of ribs. This sometimes caused them to make a panel a little shorter. To confuse things further, the covering on Fokker D.VII wings shows that the panels for both 4 and 5 color cloth were the same width! (About 4 1/7th rib spaces.) Speculation is that they had already made up the cutting patterns for the 4 color, and continued to use them with the 5, using the cut offs as rib tape material. Also worth noting, for the fanatic, is that the pattern was often (usually) reversed in alternating panels across the wing. Variations abound."

Here are the zipped JPEG files:

Four colour upper zipped JPEG file

Four colour lower zipped JPEG file

Five colour upper zipped JPEG file

Five colour lower zipped JPEG file

Lozenge masks in dxf format by Clive Hall

Clive Hall wrote to let me know he had prepared masks for spraying lozenge on a 47in Fokker D.VII from the Super Model Aircraft kit. He took Bill Brown's 4-colour dxf files into his CAD program (DesignCad) and developed printable pages which he thought other modellers might find useful. The four cutting files are marked to make it easy to see which holes need to be cut. He also produced a five coloured version, and both are downloadable below. Many thanks to Clive for these, and I hope they will be helpful for modellers wishing to paint their lozenge. The files can be quickly resized to suit in any CAD program. To get the file to download, use the right mouse button on the link and select the "save link as" option.

Four colour lozenge mask dxf file file

Five colour lozenge mask dxf file
Please note that all these files are placed here free of charge for the benefit of the scale model community, and would request that they not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the authors.

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