Indoor Foam Scale Flying Models

While having a trawl through one of my boxes of plans I came across a photocopied leaflet written by Dave Deadman, Richard Crossley and Peter Smart in the late 1990's entitled "Indoor Foam Scale Flying Models - how to build and fly them" As I've had a few enquiries about the techniques used to make indoor flying scale models from foam, I thought it might be helpful if I put it on the website as a download. Sadly Dave Deadman is no longer with us, but I checked with Richard and Peter, and they both thought it was a good idea to make it a free resource to the aeromodelling community.

The photos in the leaflet haven't come out that well, so here are a few of Richard and Peter's foam models for you to admire in full colour.

This is Peter Smart's famous Tupolev "Bear" which I remember seeing at my first Indoor Nats back in 1999 - I found it quite amazing!

In 2001 Peter followed up with this gorgeous Lockheed Super Constellation.

Richard Crossley also built a four-engined airliner in foam - this Lockheed Electra which placed 2nd at the 2002 Indoor Nats

Fast forward to 2018 and both Peter and Richard are still creating their foam masterpieces, though generally on a smaller scale these days. Above is Peter's Darmstadt D-18. If you are modelling a fabric covered aircraft like this, ribs have to be indicated by careful shading using an airbrush.

Here is Richard's pistachio scale Martin Baker M.B.5

and here is a Vought F4U Corsair, also pistachio.

Download the booklet here
(file size 13.7 MB).

Alternatively, here is a smaller file (3.4 MB) of slightly lower quality but still perfectly legible.

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