Chris Parent's Peanut scale Nieuport 16

Hard to believe Chris's latest masterpiece is only 13 inch span. This peanut scale model is another of his own designs, though it does use the aluminium cowling from the Nowlen Aero kit. The rudder is scale in size and the tailplane is about 108% linear (thus 117% of scale in area).

The model was coloured using the chalk on tissue method, but with a few tricks. The base tissue is green Esaki, which was left in a sunny window until it had faded nicely. The green camouflage areas were chalked with green pastel, and the brown with brown pastel (which still looked brown over the faded green tissue) The roundel positions were masked and treated with diluted bleach so they went pale yellow. Yellow chalk was applied, and then a ring of red and disc of black chalked tissue added to complete the roundels. (A comprehensive guide to the chalk on tissue method can be found here)

The prominent stitching is a piece of bond paper (Krylon soaked) coloured with a mix of brown and gray marker, then with Micron .005 pen lines drawn on it. Very effective, in my opinion.

The model has proved to be an excellent flyer, almost straight off the board, and has a best best flight so far of 57 seconds (outdoors) - quite remarkable for such a detailed model. Weight is just 15g, and the model is currently powered by 18 inches of 1/8" rubber with a 5.75" diameter prop.

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