Chris Parent's Laird Solution

This rubber-powered 21" span rubber model is Chris's own design, and weighs 75 grams. It is based on the Paul Matt drawing and a visit to see the plane in Connecticut. Chris says it flies like it is heavy, and Mid-40's in terms of duration. It presently has an odd stability mode where it sort of dips occasionally, but is very stable laterally. The dihedral is minimal, but it works just fine. No spiral at all with many different trim setups. Chris has flown this plane a lot of the last two years. It is heavy, but also very strong so is brought out on most occasions when flying.

By the way, the white 77 roughly painted on the fuselage is supposed to look like that - it was crudely painted on the full size original!

Ryan STA
Hawker Typhoon
Nieuport 24 bis
Republic P-47M Thunderbolt
Nieuport 16
Peanut Scale Martynside S.1
1/24 scale Supermarine Spitfire Mk.1

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