Chris Parent's Republic P-47M Thunderbolt

This model is built from the Golden Age Reproductions kit, and finished as a black and silver P-47M HV*M of the 56th Fighter Group from the spring of 1945. Finish on the upper surfaces is black chalk, which is nice and light and quite opaque.

Initial test flights looked hopeful, and Chris entered the model at an end-of-season contest in NY (October 2000) It was extremely windy - about 25 to 30 mph steadily with higher gusts. The model ended up crashing in a cut field of corn about 1/2 mile from the launch. This made a mess of the right wing, But the 1:31 flight ended up being enough to win the Scale Event.

The P-47 is now fixed, and it looks like Chris has a fine all-weather flyer. It will only do well in scale when the weather is rough, but it will be a fine WW2 event model, and also a good fun-flyer. The GAR design is a 1982 plan from Bill Harney, who did the updating and corrections to many of the old plans when GAR started. Chris reckons the P-47 features an overly complex design for the fuselage, but it certainly makes for a fantastic flyer. For European competition, he thinks it would be a great model since it is extremely steady in the air, and the very wide LG track would make for better ROG consistency.

Oh well - another one for the list of models to build!

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