Build your first flying scale model - Appendix 2 - The Tru-Flite range of kits

Here is the full range of Veron Tru-Flite kits, scanned from a leaflet included in an original kit. I used to spend hours poring over this list working out which one I would spend my pocket money on next week. They represented good value, though accuracy was variable, and budgetary constraints meant the biggest wheels you ever got were 1" diameter (which looked particularly silly on the WW1 types) and the props were pathetic little things which, if you used the thick rubber band provided, gave a power run of about 10 seconds (if you were lucky!) Moulded cockpit canopies were also a no-no - you had to use flat acetate sheet.

Having said all this, if you build any of these designs today, using light wood, a decent prop with proper removable nose block, and modern rubber, they can be made to fly well - a tribute to the soundness of the designs. Just remember to put 1.5 inch wheels on the WW1 designs - they look so much better. Lindsey Smith can supply lightweight vac-form examples that are just right (see useful addresses page). The Tiger Moth, Sopwith Triplane, Luscombe Sedan and our featured Comper Swift in particular are outstanding performers. Both my Jodel Bebe's have been excellent fliers as well.

If you want to order any of the plans (complete with printwood patterns) Colin Smith, Phil's son can supply them at a reasonable cost. Drop him a line at 8 Heaton Road, Enbury Park, Bournmouth, BH10 5HW United Kingdom

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