Build your first flying scale model - Appendix 1 - Some colour scheme suggestions

I thought it would be useful to illustrate some colour schemes you could finish your completed Swift in, so here are some that I have been able to dig up. Not many Gipsy-engined Swifts were produced, but I have managed to find four schemes, of varying complexity.

I have used the outline of the Swift from the Veron plan as a template to draw the schemes onto, so don't take it as an accurate scale drawing of the real aircraft. As you will be applying your colour schemes to the model, it seemed only fair to reproduce the Veron shape accurately, so you can see how the markings fit.

G-ABWW, Scheme 1

I am guessing this is the scheme that Phil Smith was thinking of when he drew the plan, rather than the more complex scheme illusted below. G-ABWW carried this all-blue scheme with silver registrations and trim when it was owned by Richard Shuttleworth.

The only photo I have seen of this scheme would indicate that there was no silver trim round any of the flying surfaces, which makes finishing much easier. Wing registration positions can be copied from the kit plan.

G-ABWW, Scheme 2

This is the scheme carried by G-ABWW when it was being raced in 1932 by Flt. Lt. E.H."Mouse" Fielden in the Prince of Wales' colours. The wings and tailplane are doped silver, and the wing registrations are blue, spread over both wings as shown on the Veron plan. The nose is bright aluminium with a turned finish. I have seem one photo of this aircraft where the white trim line goes right up to the prop spinner, so there were obviously some variations to the scheme.


I really like this scheme of overall white with purple trim, but am saving it for the Aerographics kit, when I finally get round to making it. The photo, reproduced here courtesy of David Jackson, shows clearly that the fin has a purple outline, and I am pretty sure the tailplane does too. The wings just appear to be overall white though, without a purple leading edge or tips. The wing registration would be positioned similarly to G-ABWW. I have illustrated the wing struts as being purple, because they look dark in the photo, but I am not 100% sure. It could be just due to the fact they are in shadow under the wing. I will let you decide!

This particular aircraft was flown all the way out to India in 1933 to take part in the Viceroy Trophy Race. I am not sure where it finished, but what an achievement just flying it there and back!


VH-ACG lives with its owner Doug Muir in Western Australia. It used to be G-ABWH, and finished 2nd in the 1932 Kings Cup air race. The current scheme has white wings and tailplane and the wing registration is painted in red under the port wing. I do not know if it is also carried above the starboard wing.

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